6 ways to compare Innerspring cot mattress and Foam cot mattress,

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Consumers will often find the manufacturers of cot mattress products promising "comfy" or "safety" for babies. A baby is puniness, they do not built like a senior, and enough firmness is safest for your baby. The inner structure show that cot mattresses which are more quality and do have good firmness, longer durability, breathability, etc. about overall support of a cot mattress.

With the very first purchasing of a baby mattress, you'll find a huge variety introduction about its construction which including foam, and inner-spring and etc. All of these types mattresses are confident of passing the firmness test.

P'tit lit Certified by world-wide authorities: Standard 100 by Oeko-texo®, Certipur, The parents certification, Aegis certification,

The Medical Research Foundation,The ECARF certification, which indicates our products' firmness, range of materials, durability etc. can be trusted. Here is a comparison about typical innerspring cot mattress with p'tit lit's climate+ mattress from double comfy range.

Typical Innerspring Cot Mattress Inner Structure

  • Firmness-Coils, There is a definite relationship between the amount of coils and the firmness of the mattress, highly concerned, for preventing SIDS.

  • Uniformly forced, overall support-will make impact on infant health, low quality products doesn't meet the demands.

  • Noise-Inner spring be concerned with this issue, lots of low quality products meet the problem.

  • Durability-easy to be affected with damp, get rusted, result in low durability.

  • Breathability-depend on its outer layer's material, most innerspring meet the question that against rusted damp, its hard to say whether ventilated.

  • Weight-heavy, inconvenience to clean up.

P'tit lit-Summer/Winter Climate+ Cot Mattress Inner structure

  • Firmness-23 kg firm comfort,this indicates the firmness and density of the the mattress. Pediatricians recommend a firm mattress for the growth of babies. The density indicates the durability of mattress. The higher the figure, the more durable the mattress over time.

  • Uniformly forced, overall support-The strong layers of qualified construction make sure the overall support.

  • Noise-Products do not meet the problems.

  • Durability-The protection guard against with damp, and all of p'tit lit products do have 5 years warrantee.

  • Breathability-P'tit lit's products using ventilated material, helps control baby's perspiration,Maximises air circulation to prevent sudden infant death.

  • Weight-light, easy to clean up.

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