Summer/Winter & Ventilated are 'Australian Best Baby Mattresses for 2019' reviews by Bedbuyer

In this lovely Easter break, we got an exciting good news from the Australian Largest mattresses reviewer - bedbuyer!! P'tit lit's cot mattresses are to be evaluated the BEST BABY MATTRESSES FOR 2019 in Australia.

Here are some words of review by bedbuyer:

The Summer/Winter Climate+ is an outstanding baby mattress that offers the versatility of a warmer sleeping surface in winter, and a cooler sleeping surface in summer. Both surfaces offer excellent support thanks to the robust polyurethane foam. A true stand out in the market.

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The Ventilated Baby Mattress is a highly impressive, practical mattress which allows parents to choose an ultra ventilated surface to maximise air circulation and breathability for their baby. The mattress has a handy removable, washable, and waterproof cover. Both sleeping surfaces offer excellent support and is a strong contender in the baby mattress market.

  • innovation of P'tit lit

  • effective control perspiration, babies perspire 3 times more than adults! Ventilation is really important to help baby's sleeping.

  • helpfully prevent sudden infant death!

  • machine washable removable protector mattress cover provided.

  • waterproof and breathable in ultra-ventilated side in 3D fabric.

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As the first French luxury baby mattresses in Australia, it is our honour to be review by everyone and collect more opinions and direction from this beautiful market. Bedbuyer is Australia's leading independent mattress review site. It contains over 1000 reviews which have been conducted by the expert team of chiropractors who are all experienced in clinical patient care and mattress assessment. All mattresses reviews listed on Bedbuyer are 100% independent and unbiased.

There are more unique functions cot mattresses are coming soon in the future. P'tit lit is the expert of cot mattresses and mattress protectors manufactuer who custom-made quality products. P'tit lit is recognised for its innovatibe, high-quality products, manufactured with great care and passion using the best materials.

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